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AUTOCARE is an online search site locator from CAR INSURANCE, SPARE PARTS, AUTO GARAGE, TYRE SHOPS, USED CARS and RENT A CAR. We put all the workshops together in an online platform to give better service to customer in competitive rates, same time all the workshops also will get benefited with free advertisement for their services. All the workshops can get chance to show the entire country or city free of charge (Limited offer).


  • How www.auto-cares.com benefit to the customer?
  1. Better rate and better service.
  2. Customer can select the required services within the very lowest price with comparing the workshops listed with www.auto-cares.com.
  3. Customers can check the ratings with best & quality service, on time maintenance, and lots of other free services from the workshops.


  • How www.auto-cares.com benefit to the workshops?
  1. Workshops can enter to online market with free of charge.
  2. Workshops can have much more exposure in the entire country.
  3. Workshops can choose the exact car service customers as per their capacity.