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Tesla announces ‘tabless’ battery cells that will improve range of its electric cars

  Dec 03, 2020     Joby Jack

  Tesla unveiled plans Tuesday to develop a “tabless” battery that could improve an electric car’s range and power. The company will produce its new batteries in-house, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicts will help dramatically reduce costs and allow the company to eventually sell electric vehicles for the same price as gasoline-powered ones. The battery is expected to lowe View More

The Top 31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019

  Dec 18, 2019     Joby Jack

The Top 31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019 Auto Repair Near MeAuto Repair ShopCar Mechanic Near MeCar Tune Up Near MeAuto Mechanic Shops Near MeLocal Auto RepairCar AC Recharge ServiceMechanic Garages Near MeAuto Maintenance ShopCar Repair ShopCar Maintenance ShopCar Tune Up ShopAuto Body Repair ShopOil Change Shops NearbyAutomobile Repair ShopCar Tire Repair Shop24 Hour Auto ShopAuto RepairAuto Gl View More

How To Check Your Car's Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires

  Jun 14, 2021     Joby Jack

Checking your tire pressure is one of the most important detail one can’t ignore. It is important to put air pressure on its recommended tire pressure level. Find the required pressure level. This information is usually on a yellow sticker in the doorjamb on the driver side, and it is also contained in the owner's manual. It might call for different pressure levels for the front and the rea View More

How to protect your car during summer season.

  Jun 14, 2021     Joby Jack

Humidity is something inevitable during summer. As summer is fast approaching, we have to protect our car. Here are some list that would help you enjoy a road trip during summer. 1.Clean the battery  The temperature during summer can speed up the chemical reaction inside a battery, causing the battery to be overcharged. With this it will shorten the lifespan of your battery. Heat can also d View More